Microsoft SharePoint Server is a versatile web-based platform that can be used for collaboration and document management. It is used to build and host enterprise-level internet and intranet sites and web applications.SharePoint’s scalable, secure environment was designed for team collaboration, facilitating team efforts with individuals based around the world. Password protected SharePoint sites allow users to collaborate on tasks, projects, and documents. Site managers can coordinate site content and user activity and customize Web Parts to suit various business requirements. SharePoint makes it easy for administrators to design, deploy, and administer their sites.

  • SharePoint can easily be configured to meet business needs of companies for business functionality and creative design
  • Detailed security options are available and easily managed
  • Business portals & Facilitates a shared workspace environment
  • SharePoint Development :

    Our team of SharePoint developers/administrators offer their expertise to install, configure and deploy intranet portals based on Microsoft Standards. The SharePoint team has been working on a variety of document management and organizational intranet projects. Our team can also customize existing SharePoint sites and build solutions using SharePoint technology.

    SharePoint Support :

    Our SharePoint developers/administrators will take care of SharePoint issues related to development, deployments, customization, and offers complete package of SharePoint support options.

    SharePoint Migration :

    Xangars Solution Pvt Ltd is providing of SharePoint Migration using 3’rd party tools, Manual methods based on organization requirement. Xangars Solution Pvt Ltd incorporates its expertise and flexibility to deliver simple, fast and effective SharePoint solutions.