Web Design

In the era where technology explosion plays a major role in impacting your business, web presence is more of a necessity than luxury. If you are looking forward to creating flawless web presence, your search ends here. At Xangars, we create impeccable web applications for startup companies to big enterprises. We possess skilled resources that provide expert web development service catering to all industries

Our specialty lies in delivering quality web development in a timely manner. Our developers think out of the box to present your complex ideas in a simple way to the users. Essentially, we are your cost-effective web development partners.

Why us?

  • Development of effective web strategy before engaging into development
  • Pool of talented resources
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Use of latest technology and high-end equipments
  • SEO-friendly website architecture
  • One-stop shop for all your web needs (developers, designers, testers under a single platform)development
  • Cast-effective solutions
  • With a successful history of catering to the large client base hailing from diverse industries, Xangars has an answer to every client's need. Take a look at our expansive portfolio:

    Our Services

    With a successful history of catering to the large client base hailing from diverse industries, Xangars has an answer to every client's need. Take a look at our expansive portfolio:

    Website application development:

    Web application development is often client focused. It needs special attention on overall user experience, which means that the development strategy for this type of applications must include dynamism, use of the latest technology (such as PHP, Java, Dot Net and various other Open source technologies and frameworks) and attractive web designs with user-centric navigation. The smoother the process, the lesser will be the bottlenecks. Experience web developers at Xangars adopt the API style for effortless and secure access to the database and client process systems while ensuring a consistent interface. We ably develop social networking platforms, eCommerce web applications, online business applications, database and directories, web portals for all verticals and so on.

    Website application development:

    We also offer fully customized web development service. Through our best analyzing abilities, we understand client requirements and share excellent and exceptional relationship with our customers. We transform your unique ideas into real-time applications that will earn you high ROI.

    Our approach:

    It is been a decade since web development came into existence; however, this industry still seems to be in its youth phase. With introduction to new technologies in the web, each with something new to offer, many companies are still coping up to adjust with the shift. Considering the number of sites we rebuild for our clients, we could conclude that there is still much poor quality work being done. At Xangars, we follow standards to deliver quality to the user. Irrespective of the technology and framework, our web development approach is as follows:


    Each of our digital solution building process starts with analyzing users requirement. We ask, we discover and extract information using various sources such as interviews, questionnaire, observation and several brain storming sessions. We conceptualize and build a detailed requirement report, which approved by the client before we move to next steps.


    We believe planning the core of all activities. After careful analysis of requirements, we chalk a time bound plan. We strategize the best possible method, technology and framework that perfectly fit your requirement and can offer high quality in lowest possible cost. We always have a plan B to adhere to the committed timeline.


    We always rely upon the tried and tested ways of performing web development. Each component designed and developed by our skilled professionals has to go through scrupulous tests. This guarantees certainty and eliminates the risk of failure.


    We work towards delivering the solution in the agreed timeline. We meticulously work towards quality and assiduously partner with our clients throughout the development phase. Eventually, we work towards the main objective of our company-Client satisfaction!